Mental Health Grace Alliance

A grace-filled small group experience for mental and emotional resiliency 

Grace Alliance is an innovative small group experience which integrates science and your faith in Christ to renew your mental and emotional health. Restore Life, purpose, and faith for you, your family, and marriage.

This restorative ministry is uniquely designed to reduce symptoms caused by mental and
emotional challenges, increase well-being, and renew faith. For families and
spouses these resources will empower you with insights and tools to improve the
quality of life for you and your whole family. Each Group is packed with
relevant Biblical stories, neuroscience, and practical tools.

For more information, Reach out to Jill Hogan  by filling out information below.
+ Manage stressors, tension, anxiety, and depression,
+ Increase calm through rest, relaxation, and joy,
+ Decrease negative thoughts and reframe to confidence,
+ Empower you to create safe and healthy relationships
+ Improve your relationship with new communication skills, healthy
boundaries, and practical ways to handle all kinds of challenges
+ Improve the quality of your life through practical tools
+ Gain unique Biblical and scientific understanding to remove confusion and
renew your faith with hope!


Meeting Times
2nd and 4th Tuesdays: 6pm-8pm
Location: Oasis Community Church

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